The farming community Weide – Hardebek


is an initiative that is based on the agricultural impulse of Rudolf Steiner realized not only production of Demeter products but also environmental and social objectives in the past decades. The starting point goes back to 1949, where the original initiators have existing operations converted -50 km north of Hamburg – on biodynamic farming. The deepest inner conviction of Mr. and Mrs. Ehlers sen. resulted in the following decades as well to the development of the farming community Weide – Hardebek. In addition to the work in this economy, there were quite significantly the socio-cultural changes in the post-war period and the following decades, demanding a combination of social question and agriculture. This challenge resulted in significantly by the resulting demand for food in Demeter quality and the need to search for places of life for people who could not find their place in the general social conditions.

The resulting incurred remarkable synergies have made very rapid and positive developments in the non-profit in the course of the transformation of the initiative. The farming community Weide – Hardebek itself includes an agricultural area of about 200 hectares with 3 premises, 9 properties, 1 bakery, 1 Cafe, 1 small farm shop and 1 carpentry. All of these areas have become living and working places for people with and without need for assistance. It created 55 jobs and 64 places for sheltering of people in need of help. Training opportunities – even in the social work are offered in all relevant areas of work. The ever-increasing request for food and the environmental challenges the region will be key activities in the coming years. The inclusion of 9 additional agricultural initiatives that go beyond the place itself, and also pursue in an associative operation, the targets described. , The ” FARMS – COMMUNITY ” was born. The necessary external representation and their management are charged service rending of Weide – Hardebek available. It is so gratifying that the biodynamic agriculture – as here in many other places as well – one can afford timely contribution to address the questions of life.

Hartwig Ehlers

Hartwig Ehlers


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Contact person: Hartwig Ehlers
Email-address:  hardebeck[at]
Telephone number:  +49 4324882790
Address: Hauptstr. 32-34, 24616 Hardebek, Germany