Akdeniz University


Akdeniz University was founded in 1982, and incorporated the higher education institutions already established in Antalya, Burdur and Isparta.

Having started with the 4 Institutes, 8 Faculties, 1 School, 1 Vocational School and 5 Research and Application Centres which were established in or before 1992, Akdeniz University is now taking rapid and determined steps towards becoming a world class university which is capable of making a significant contribution to the world of science with its current complement of 17 Faculties, 7 Institutes, 5 Schools, 13 Vocational Schools, and 39 Research and Application Centres.


The primary mission of Akdeniz University is to provide a high level of education which is closely integrated with the academic world; to establish high quality programmes which support student mobility; to create scientific research and applications to a global standard with universal relevance; to transform our scientific projects into technologically viable products; to meet the needs of society for knowledge, technology and social solutions at the most advanced level through ongoing programmes in the fields of education, health and other vital services.


The vision of Akdeniz University is to become a world-class university dedicated to continuous improvement in the quality of its education, research, art and technology, while at the same time encouraging entrepreneurial activity and showing sensitivity to the environment.

Akdeniz University has two research centers for handicapped and also alcohol and addicted people

1. Alcohol and Drug Addiction Research and Application Centre

Main duties of the center are: Detoxification, Pharmacotherapy, Personal and Group Psychotherapy, Counseling in addiction, occupational therapy, art therapy and education for health care providers, students, patients, family members of the patients and public.

2. Research, Education and Application Center for People with Special Needs

Main duties of the center are:

  • To identify the number of handicapped children with mental and physical disabilities in Antalya (Mediterranean) region
  • To conduct research on reasons for handicap, their prevention and effects of educational practices
  • To create individual and group education opportunities for children with mental disabilities in accordance with their mental development
  • To practice appropriate exercise and educational programs for children with mental disabilities
  • To organize and display activities in music, painting, sports and handcrafts for children with mental and physical disabilities
  • To create an Occupational Rehabilitation and Job School


Contact Information:

Contact person: Prof. Dr. Hamide Gübbük
Email address: gubbuk[at]akdeniz.edu.tr
Telephone number: +90 2423102422
Address: Akdeniz University Antalya, Dumlupinar Boulevard, 07058 Antalya
Website:  www.akdeniz.edu.tr