Arge f. anthroposophisches Heilwesen e.V. – lntegrative Hofgemeinschaft Loidholdhof

logoThe integrated farming-community Loidholdholf is located close to Sankt Martin im Mühlkreis in Austria. Loidholdhof is a green care provider based on a community of people of which many have physical and mental disabilities. Over 40 people both with and without disabilities have made their home on this farm where they live and work and together. The integrated farming-community of Loidholdhof is a practical example for inclusion farming, living and working together in everyday life of both people with and without disabilities. The experience demonstrates that inclusion farming is possible and feasible.

Loidholdhof offers: An integrated living concept „ Help through Living“with space for 13 people at the moment. An integrated working concept, where the activities depend on the ability of every individual, with 23 working places within an integrative farm project.

Some activities at Loidholdhof : Agriculture including livestock, farming and forest cultivation and beekeeping. Horticulture including vegetable, herbs and flower gardens and greenhouses. Loidholdhof also has a bakery, a wood and a weaving workshop. Kitchen, housekeeping and laundry are also part of the offered activities.

Other activities: Artistic activities such as speech formation, acting, music, painting, eurhythmy, wood carving. Different sports activities such as swimming, nordic walking, hiking, etc.


Contact Information:

Contact person: Achim Leibing
Email address: achim.leibing[at]
Telephone number:  +43 72323672
Address: Integrative Hofgemeinschaft Loidholdhof, Oberhard, 94113 Sankt Martin im Mühlkreis, Österreich