Camphill Northern Region Association


The Camphill Northern Region is one of the seven Camphill Regions. Worldwide there are more than 150 village-communities, special schools and day-centres that are members of the movement.

The Camphill Northern Region Association (CNRA) has members in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia and Latvia. The CNRA is the legal body of the association and is registered in Norway and based in Trondheim. The CNRA is the executive body of the Camphill Northern Region.

The CNRA recognises, registers and supports Camphill centres and other initiatives that work in accordance to the principals of the Camphill movement.

Tasks of the CNRA:

  • Foundation  and support of Camphill centres
  • Seminars in biodynamic agriculture, sustainable energy, ecology etc.
  • Social-therapeutic education: the Baltic Camphill Seminar
  • Legal issues in the Northern Region
  • International exchange and cooperation
  • Fund-raising and administration of mutual assistance funds
  • Regional and international conferences and festivals

The CNRA cooperates with national and international organisations that conform to the aims of the Camphill movement.


Contact Information:

Contact person: Ludwig Kraus
Email address: ludwig.kraus[at]
Telephone number: +47 99770870
Address: Reidar Jensengate 10, 7550 Hommelvik, Norway