Pahkla Camphilli Küla


Pahkla Camphilli Küla was founded in early 1992, and is a life-sharing community together with adults with special needs. It is part of the world-wide Camphill Movement.

In Pahkla we have four extended house communities. In each house, we live as a group of 7-10 people, who enjoy and benefit from living with each other. Everyone is involved in creating the well-being and atmosphere of the house. Rhythm and orderliness are brought about through morning prayer, regular mealtimes and the routine of daily shared housework.

Besides the daily work on the land and in the houses and workshops, a wide variety of other activities take place in Pahkla. These include the weekly village meeting, social evenings, various hobby/sport groups, Bible evening on Saturdays, Sunday morning gatherings, musical instruction and performances. Many of these events are connected with the celebration of the major Christian Festivals around the year.

Our working life in Pahkla is essential to the well-being of our community. Not only does it generate income which helps to cover our living expenses, but a large part of the fruits, vegetables, dairy products and meat which we consume throughout the year come from our own biodynamic farming and gardening.

Skills are developed through working on the farm, in the gardens and households, the creamery and cheese workshop, the wood workshop, the weaver or the candle workshop.

Each individual has a meaningful task to perform, in accordance with his or her abilities, skills and potential future. Wages are not paid in the usual manner, but the daily and long-term needs of each person are met by the others who live in Pahkla. A sense of responsibility is thereby encouraged for the well-being of the whole community. On our organic farm we cultivate more than 100 ha land. We also have cows, pigs and chicken.


Contact Information:

Contact person: Wiebe Soepboer
Email address: wiebesoepboer[at]
Telephone number: +372 4898300
Address: Phakla Camphili Küla, 79742 Kohila vald, Estonia